Social Media Toolkit

Social Media Toolkit

Our mission is to empower students, staff, and community members to help create and maintain a culture of safety and vigilance in our schools. As we embark on this journey together, we understand the power of social media to amplify our message and garner support. To make your advocacy efforts more impactful, Make Our Schools Safe is thrilled to share this Social Media Toolkit.

Simply download the toolkit, choose the elements that resonate with you, and start sharing across your social media platforms. Your voice matters, and together, we can generate conversations surrounding school safety and security.

Make sure to tag Make Our Schools Safe in all of your posts and use #MakeOurSchoolsSafe.

Click on the icons to start following Make Our Schools Safe on social media!

Scroll through the gallery and download your favorite images. When you post a graphic, use one of our sample captions or include your own message. Make sure to tag MOSS and use #MakeOurSchoolsSafe!

Use this graphic as your Facebook, X, and LinkedIn avatar!

Use these graphics as your Facebook, X, and LinkedIn headers!

I’ve joined the school safety movement, and you can too!
Visit to learn more.

As a #MakeOurSchoolsSafe Club member, I am helping to drive change and build a national movement to safeguard our schools. Learn how you can get involved and make a difference! 💙

As a volunteer, I am fighting to create safe and secure learning environments for our students and their educators. It’s time to #MakeOurSchoolsSafe!

Every student deserves a safe place to learn and grow. Help @MakeOurSchoolsSafe maintain a culture of safety and vigilance in our schools. 🫶 

I’m asking you to join me in supporting #MakeOurSchoolsSafe! Your gifts provide critical support for school safety projects, educational opportunities, and advocacy efforts across the country. Donate today: 

Join us in creating safe learning environments. Together, we can #MakeOurSchoolsSafe!

As @MakeOurSchoolsSafe founder Lori Alhadeff so passionately says, “Your voice is your power!” Join me in voicing my support for this incredible organization. 🌟 
Empower the next generation by supporting a @MakeOurSchoolsSafe Club. Together, we can #MakeOurSchoolsSafe! 📚

  1. Login to Facebook.
  2. On the left, click Fundraisers.
  3. On the left, click Raise Money.
  4. Click Nonprofit.
  5. Type “Make Schools Safe, Inc” into the search bar.
  6. Select “Make Schools Safe, Inc”
  7. Enter the goal amount of money you want to raise.
  8. Click Create.
  1. Go to or search @MakeOurSchoolsSafe on the Instagram app.
  2. Click on the fundraiser on our profile.
  3. Select “Share” right underneath the “Donate” button.
  4. Add the fundraiser to your profile, story, or post!

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