Sorority and Fraternity Fundraising

Sorority and Fraternity Fundraising

We’re working to Make Our Schools Safe at all levels, from Pre-K to University! Our organization welcomes fraternities and sororities to join hands in our philanthropic work. Time spent supporting our mission to Make Our Schools Safe can even count as service hours for students!

At Make Our Schools Safe, we understand the vital role fraternities and sororities play in fostering a sense of community and camaraderie on a college’s campus. By partnering with us, your chapter can leverage its collective strength to make a tangible difference in the lives of students at your school and across the nation.

How You Can Help
  • Host a Fundraiser: Raise money for Make Our Schools Safe by hosting a fundraising event, like a bake sale, BBQ, or talent show!
  • Volunteer: Mobilize your members to volunteer their time and talents. Whether it’s participating in campus safety assessments or organizing awareness campaigns, your involvement can make a lasting impression on the communities we serve. We also have in-person volunteer opportunities for chapters located in the South Florida area.
  • Sell Merchandise: Create a custom Make Our Schools Safe tee, sweatshirt, or hoodie for your members and donate the proceeds back to Make Our Schools Safe! Design your MOSS shirt here. Ask a local company to be a sponsor for your merch and add their logo to the sleeve.
  • Support a School Safety Project: From hosting educational workshops on bullying prevention to purchasing Stop the Bleed kits, there are countless ways to align your chapter’s mission with ours. We encourage sorority and fraternity leadership teams to find a way your chapter can create a more secure learning environment on your campus.
  • Mentor a Make Our Schools Safe Club: MOSS Clubs are on more than twenty high school campuses across the nation. Click here to see if a MOSS Club exists at a school near you, and contact our MOSS Club Director, Lexi Simon, at to learn how your members can serve as mentors!
For more information, contact us to learn how your chapter can help Make Our Schools Safe!

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