The Motherhood Village Podcast: School Safety Advocacy with MOSS Founder, Lori Alhadeff

Make Our Schools Safe Founder, Lori Alhadeff, was a special guest in The Motherhood Village Podcast hosted by Nicole Cumberbatch. In the episode titled “School Safety Advocacy with Make Our Schools Safe Founder, Lori Alhadeff“, Lori and Nicole talked about the initiatives that MOSS is firmly focused on, such as passing Alyssa’s law nationwide, establishing student clubs, and raising funds for safety projects.

Additionally, Lori explains why she felt compelled to start her work with Make Our Schools Safe, what is Alyssa’s Law, what are MOSS Clubs and why are they important for MOSS’s mission. Moreover, Lori dives into keeping Alyssa’s memory alive through scholarships and various initiatives, and she unfolds what’s next for MOSS.

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