Advocating for Safer Schools – Lori Alhadeff on Someone You Should Know with Stuart Sax

Lori Alhadeff was recently a guest on the Someone You Should Know Live with Stuart Sax of KVGI Media. She was invited to share the story behind her decision to co-found Make Our Schools Safe along with her husband, Ilan Alhadeff. She explains how her family’s loss was the beginning of the uphill climb towards safer schools nationally.

“I wanted to turn my grief into action and to make an impact and make a difference, “ Lori explains.

Lori knew that she wanted to change things for the better for children and families in hopes that they might not have to endure the pain that her family has.

Lori realized quickly that one of the first steps she would need to take to bring forth her vision of safer schools, would be to join the Broward County School board.

“I knew that in order for me to make a direct impact here in Broward County that I needed to run for the school board,” Lori admits.

Since running (and winning her seat), Lori outlines her focus on mental health, safety and an overall dedication to improving the education for the children in our school system.

However, her advocacy does not stop with Florida schools. In fact, along with Florida, Lori has already passed legislation in New Jersey that requires schools to have panic alarms in every classroom.

Named after her daughter, Alyssa’s Law is just a pebble in the sand of a much larger vision to create safer schools across the United States.

“This is Alyssa’s Law and the meaning behind it and the force behind it is not just for South Florida, or the state of florida. This is a national movement,” says show host, Stuart Sax.

Stuart calls listeners to align with Make Our Schools Safe cause by participating in our upcoming Live for Alyssa Benefit.

Proceeds from that benefit will help us continue to advocate for the passage of Alyssa’s Law federally and also help us fund more student-run Make Our Schools Safe Clubs in schools across the country.

To hear more of this discussion, watch the full interview here:


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