AU Live For Alyssa Event at American University

The American University chapter of Make Our Schools Safe hosted their first annual “AU Live For Alyssa” event at American University on April 26th, from 3-7 pm. The event was run as a collaborative effort with MOSS AU, American University Police Department, Nando’s in Tenleytown, and Make Our Schools Safe.

Alyssa Alhadeff was the daughter of MOSS founders and was a victim of the Parkland massacre. To honor her legacy and love of life, the AU Chapter of MOSS offered food, sports, and therapy dogs for students who needed a chance to reconnect and unwind from highly stressful situations. There was also a raffle for several prizes and the proceeds from the raffle will support the collective mission of making our schools safer everywhere!

The AU Chapter of MOSS is a national non-profit dedicated to raising awareness and preparedness for gun violence on campuses and schools. MOSS was born out of the same Parkland Shooting tragedy which generated March for Our Lives and was founded in Southern Florida. The emphasis of AU MOSS is to research and practice emergency preparedness that can save students’ lives.

The primary function of the club is to assess weaknesses in AU’s structural and procedural preparedness in the event of a gun crisis but more importantly to train students in survival and security best practices. They also collaborate with AUPD to practice and improve emergency protocols and accessibility of training.  AU MOSS also looks to address the underlying causes of on-campus violence and to help students who need it. Feeling emotionally secure and being physically secure go hand in hand.

Below are photos from the first annual “AU Live For Alyssa” event at American University:


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