Countdown to the Parkland Shooting

Happy Valentine’s Day and welcome to Parkland, Florida! It is 2:20 pm and today we have a low of 71° and a high of 82°; seems like a bright sunny day with no rain showers. We are here with the killer of Alyssa Alhadeff, former student from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, who says today will be a messy day. Its quite bright outside, not sure what he is talking about.

I, I miss, I miss her, I miss her and she’s gone.
I am, I am so, I am so sorry, I am so sorry this happened to her
She was supposed, she was supposed to here, she was supposed to be here with me, she was supposed to be right here with me
February 14
February 14
February 14, 2018

Her name was Alyssa Alhadeff, she was 14 years old, she was a soccer player, a midfielder, #8 for Parkland, #4 for Douglas. She was here, she was here, she was in this class, this building, freshman building, the room where it all happened. am i next? are we next? are we even safe anymore?

In 2018, there were over 300 mass shootings but the thing is in a mass shooting 4 people are most likely to die. The thing about 2018 is, 8 children and teens die per day because of a mass shooting.
Los Angeles, Nashville, Parkland, Savannnah, Santa Fe
And then she closed her eyes and her hometown was on the list, she closed her eyes and her name was on the list, she close her eyes, and she become a number, a statistic, a memory

knives pierce my ears as my mom tells me news, tears run down like waterfalls onto an endless river of hate, a black hole virus fills my body like a starving galaxy. And she’s 1 of the 17, she’s one of the 17, she’s one of the 17. I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe and every memory I ever had runs through my body, through my head: her smile, her laugh, her life was so bright.
But it was sucked into a black hole that was the barrel of his gun.

She’s not a memory, not a statistic, not a number. she is my teammate, friend, family Alyssa Alhadeff. Every game, field, grass patch, I am reminded of her, I am playing for her, doing it for her, and I am here today living for her.

We are here today with the killer of Alyssa Alhadeff, who says today will be a messy day. Because of him there’s no number one, number one means it has come to an end, but this black hole has no end, this countdown has no end, these mass shootings have no end. But Alyssa’s life came to end, because of him, of his gun, and of his trigger. I was forced to see a funeral, I was forced to see a funeral too soon, her funeral was too soon. I was forced to see her body buried, I was forced to see her tombstone, I had to see my friend leave, but she was younger than me. Her family filled with darkness, drowning in a river of sadness.
the thing is…age doesn’t matter, the bullet doesn’t discriminate, and maybe Valentine’s Day isn’t so lovely after all

But I will continue to fight for her, I will be her voice and Alyssa will never be forgotten. Her legacy will go on, her story will go on and her life will go on.

– Maria Pomilio de Miranda


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