NBC – WPTV: Parents who lost daughter at Parkland hope to make schools safer with panic button alarm system

A local NBC news station, WPTV, covered the story of Make Our School’s Safe founders, Ilan & Lori Alhadeff, and the active role they have both played in working towards safer schools. Their activism has not just been limited to the school system in which their daughter, Alyssa, lost her life, but is a fight they are taking on for the country.

One major way they hope to improve our schools is through the passage of what they consider to be a “common sense safety measure,” Alyssa’s Law, which would require all schools to have mandatory panic alarms. These alarms would quickly alert law enforcement and the rest of the school of a dangerous situation and give them an opportunity to react.

Lori Alhadeff knows the pain of loss all too well and is committed to preventing others from sharing her experience.

“I don’t want any other mother to go through the pain that I go through and had to go through for the death of my daughter”, says Lori in a recent interview with local NBC news affiliate, WPTV.

While Lori & Ilan understand the importance of passing Alyssa’s Law, they also realize that it is one solution amongst other potential adjustments that could better protect children in school.

“This is one measure that could potentially help save lives and prevent mass casualties” Ilan explained.

The Alhadeffs cite Alyssa’s determination and drive as a major motivation in their desire to effect widespread change. The bill has already been passed into law in New Jersey and is making its rounds in the Florida legislature session.

After unanimous approval by the Infrastructure & Security Committee last week and the Education Subcommittee yesterday, the bill still has some more work to do before landing in the full House & Senate for a vote. The Alhadeffs are hopeful of the bill’s success and continue the push for Alyssa’s Law passage in Florida.


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