CBS 4 Miami: Alyssa’s Law, Which Would Bring Panic Buttons To Schools, One Step Closer To Passage

CBS 4 Miami covered the crusade for change by families of Parkland victims and the developing story unfolding around Alyssa’s Law earlier this week as it was passed through another House committee. Alyssa’s Law must go through all the committees on both the Senate and the House side before making its way to the floor for a final vote.

Make Our Schools Safe founders, Lori & Ilan have been an integral part of the legislation from its incipience, rallying for it’s passage in their home state of New Jersey and now taking on Florida with a level of grit that is unparalleled. After Lori Alhadeff won a seat on the school board in August 2018, she turned her sights to the next goal on her agenda, passing Alyssa’s Law in Florida, and eventually nationwide.

“Alyssa is the heartbeat of this vital piece of legislation” said Lori during a presentation of the bill to the Appropriations Subcommittee on Education in Tallahassee earlier this week.

She believes that had a panic alarm been in place on the day of the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, it would have saved lives, quite possibly even her daughter Alyssa’s.

One of the major criticisms surrounding the MSD shooting was the lengthy response time of law enforcement. We all know that time equals life and in situations like these every second is crucial. Imagine the convenience and efficiency of a panic alarm through a cell phone app which teachers and school officials could quickly use to alert law enforcement. Alternatively, having a button hard wired in every classroom would be just as accessible. The objective is to give our kids time to act in these worst-case scenarios so that they don’t become a casualty of the school system’s unpreparedness.

As we continue to press for better safety measures in our schools, be sure to follow the bill’s progress in the Florida Senate and in the Florida House. It’s important to stay informed about this key legislation that will impact our children, our families, and our communities.


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