Our First MOSS Club Contest

Our Make Our Schools Safe Clubs are popping up all over the country. We do believe that Your Voice is Your Power!

In our 1st ever social media contest, MOSS Clubs across the country were asked to create a social media post that would creatively advocate for MOSS. With the extra time on everyone’s hands, our intentions were to bring some positivity to what has been a tough past few weeks while also stirring up all the dormant brain power in our community of world-changers.

In the contest, two clubs stood out from the rest. Take a look at our 2nd place entry from Pompano Beach High School. They chose to promote their MSD Memorial Garden, built by their club members in honor of the 17 MSD angels.

Here’s our 1st place winner from the MOSS Club at Miami Beach Senior High! They took the time to highlight important tips for staying safe and healthy during the quarantine through a video compilation:

The future of Make Our Schools Safe is BRIGHT with kids like these at the helm.

While Make Our Schools Safe Clubs have been impacted for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we plan to continue our efforts to spread the culture of school safety throughout every school in our country.

To do so, we need more leaders to come forward and take the safety of their schools in their own hands. We implore students to spend this extra time considering how they would like to serve and impact their community. Talk to your friends about the benefits of starting a club for the 2020-2021 school year and determine how many would be interested in joining. You can read more about what starting a club entails here.

If you’re not a student, but would still like to be involved with making the schools safe in your community, there are still opportunities for you to contribute! Perhaps you would be interested in sponsoring a high school club? Let us know, and we’ll be in touch with you!


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